Finding a therapist is exhausting.

It's tough enough to start the search, but finding a qualified therapist can be an emotionally draining process. That's why we've removed one major barrier of entry: vetting therapists.

We focus on quality, so you can focus on fit—because we believe that everyone deserves a chance to find their soulmate therapist.

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How We're different

Less scrolling. More therapy.


Instead of scrolling through thousands of therapy profiles (cue information overload), with Best Therapists, you only have to look through five to six profiles on our highly curated lists.


We have a much more involved vetting process that goes beyond a basic license check (unlike the other guys). From burnout to sketchy Yelp reviews, we've got you covered.


Skip the busywork with instant consultation booking. That’s right—no more waitlists or contact forms, so you know that our therapists are accepting new clients now.

Our Mission

Therapy that feels good.*

*When you’re not tearing up during epic therapeutic breakthroughs, you can feel great about your choice to find a therapist through Best Therapists.

We’re a therapist directory with a mission. We’re here to…

Match more people with their best (soulmate 💛) therapist.
Provide high quality mental health education that doesn’t read like a textbook.
Change the mental health system so it’s more equitable for therapy-seekers and therapists alike.

We believe in the powerful trickle down effect of more individuals experiencing high quality therapy, because the world becomes a better place when we prioritize our mental health.

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🎶 Let’s get literate 🎶

Literate in mental health, that is.