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October 4, 2023

Am I Being Gaslighted By My Parents Quiz

Kristie Plantinga
a mother is with her daughter are outside in exercise clothes checking her watch; am i being gaslighted by my parents quiz
October 4, 2023
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Are you wondering if your parents are gaslighting you? Gaslighting is a form of emotional manipulation that can leave you feeling confused, doubting your own experiences, and even questioning your sanity. It's crucial to recognize the signs, so you can protect your emotional well-being.

This interactive quiz is designed to help you assess your situation and gain clarity on whether gaslighting might be happening in your family dynamic. By answering a series of thought-provoking questions, you'll gain insights into your experiences and emotions.

Friendly reminder: this quiz isn’t intended to make assumptions or judgments about another person’s background, personality, or mental health. In other words, we can’t armchair diagnose you with anything. Our goal is to give you this tool to better understand your current situation and the opportunity to seek help if you want it.

Who is this quiz for?

This quiz is designed for users who want to assess if they're being gaslighted by their parents (not other types of people or relationships).

How accurate is this quiz?

At Best Therapists, we believe that online mental health quizzes can be an excellent first step towards improving our mental health. Quizzes like this one can educate you and provide opportunities for self-reflection, but note that they are not a substitute for professional assessments and diagnoses.

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Frequently asked questions

How can gaslighting impact my mental health?

Gaslighting can significantly erode your self-esteem and self-confidence, leading to feelings of confusion, anxiety, and depression. Over time, it can make you doubt your own perceptions and reality, which can have a profound negative impact on your mental well-being.

Is gaslighting always intentional?

Gaslighting behaviors can vary; some individuals may engage in it intentionally to manipulate and control, while others may unknowingly gaslight you due to their own insecurities or emotional issues. Whether intentional or not, the impact on the victim's mental well-being can be equally damaging.

Can gaslighting be overcome or healed?

Yes, with awareness, therapy, and healthy boundaries, it is possible to overcome the effects of gaslighting and work towards healing both individually and in relationships. However, it often requires effort from both parties involved to rebuild trust and foster healthier communication patterns.

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Written by
Kristie Plantinga

Kristie Plantinga is the founder of Best Therapists. Along with being on the client-side of therapy, Kristie has had the honor of working directly with therapists in her marketing agency for therapists, TherapieSEO. While working alongside therapists, she learned about the inequities in our mental health system that therapists face on a daily basis, and she wanted to do something about it. That’s why Best Therapists is a platform designed to benefit not only therapy-seekers, but therapy providers. Kristie has a Masters degree in Written Communication and a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Music.

Reviewed by
Katelyn McMahon
Registered Psychotherapist, VT #097.0134200

Katelyn is a therapist-turned-writer with a passion for mental health. She has a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of England and is a Registered Psychotherapist in the state of Vermont. Katelyn has professional experience in aging care, addiction treatment, integrated health care, and private practice settings. She also has lived experience being on the client side of therapy. Currently, Katelyn is a content writer who’s passionate about spreading mental health awareness and helping other therapists and therapy-seekers Do The Work.

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