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Elisa Martínez, LMFT

California, LMFT #98689

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Elisa Martínez, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist providing adults living and visiting anywhere in California with confidential, convenient and specialized online psychotherapy. She exclusively helps anxious achievers, burned-out professionals and self-doubters to feel secure and sure of themselves, connected to lasting calm, and to be motivated and engaged with their work and lives. Skillfully using a creative combination of deep-healing and highly effective therapeutic modalities, she facilitates growth and transformation at a profound level with trained expertise, warm attunement and a grounded presence. People who work with Elisa walk away from therapy feeling liberated from painful patterns and emotional wounding, and empowered with a clear-minded confidence to create the lives they feel drawn to live. Having been actively involved in her own growth process for decades, Elisa has a passion for helping people get free of the agonizing cycles of anxiety, trauma and self-criticism. She uses Internal Family Systems-informed therapy, EMDR, Brainspotting, Emotional Freedom Techniques, mindfulness and somatic-based, trauma-informed therapies to help people safely access their full healing potential - and always at a pace that feels healthy and right for them. She's also able to share a wealth of practical and impactful coping tools and strategies so that her clients can face the storms of life with greater ease and confidence.

Message to clients

Searching for a therapist can feel…overwhelming. How do you find someone who really gets you - and who can help you get from where you are to where you want to be? Someone who not only has the skill and expertise to help your specific kinds of issues, but who you can really trust and feel comfortable with? I'm Elisa, and I specialize in helping 3 kinds of people: anxious achievers, burned-out professionals and self-doubters. Sound familiar? If so, I can help you feel more secure and sure of yourself, be more motivated and engaged in your life, and live with lasting inner calm. I get it - that all might seem unreachable right now! Yet, it IS possible, because I've seen firsthand the transformation that happens in the many people I've worked with. But even the prospect of growth and healing can feel scary…so I'll meet you exactly where you're at, with non-judgment, skilled experience and unconditional support. I'll create a safe space where you can explore your "growing edges'' as we tend to the parts of you that are in need of healing. If you're curious and want to see if I might be a fit for you, schedule a free consultation: we'll talk about what's going on with you, what you're wanting support with and how I can help facilitate the change that you want within yourself and in your life. Let’s discover the possibilities that await you!


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (Psychotherapist) | John F. Kennedy University, 2011

Race and ethnicity

White, Hispanic, Native American, Biracial, Bicultural

Cultural and experiential knowledge

White culture, Hispanic culture

Languages spoken

English, Spanish

Spiritual knowledge

Buddhism, Christianity, Non-religious (Agnosticism, Atheism, Secular)

None listed

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Virtual or in person

Virtual Only


Anxiety, Burnout, Self esteem/self worth, Stress

Additional areas of focus

Bicultural experience, Biracial experience, Caring professionals (doctors, therapists, etc.), Existential questioning, Midlife stress, Mindfulness and/or meditation, Panic attacks, Phobias, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Racial/cultural identity, Second or third generation immigration experience, Trauma, Grief and/or loss, Highly sensitive people, Spirituality

Therapeutic style

Calming, Empowering, Holistic, Affirming, Inquisitive


Depth psychotherapy, Brainspotting, EMDR, Internal family systems (IFS), Mindfulness based, Trauma-focused, Somatic therapy, Attachment based

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Peer review

Elisa brings passion to her work with her clients and is great to consult with. When I’ve experienced feeling stuck about what to do, clinically, Elisa has brought in new and fresh ideas. She also happens to be a wonderful person and I trust her enough to refer clients to her.

—Ellen Garfield, LMFT
Peer review

Elisa is intelligent, highly attuned and committed to facilitating deep and lasting healing for her clients. She meets them exactly where they're at with non-judgement, understanding, and has a calming presence that puts those around her at ease. If I ever need a referral for anxious or burned-out professionals, I'm absolutely confident about sending clients to her. I highly recommend her!

—Carmen Montenegro-Sis, LMFT
Peer review

Elisa is a talented and experienced psychotherapist who skillfully and intuitively guides her clients into transformative, lasting healing. If you want real, tangible change in how you think, feel, and act, I highly recommend working with her!

—Marcelle Little, LMFT
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