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Sarah Bryski-Hamrick, LPC

Pennsylvania, PC #010402; Florida, TPMC #4117

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Sarah is a therapist and community organizer living in eastern Pennsylvania. She is a liberation oriented therapist offering virtual therapy to millennials and Gen Zs in Pennsylvania. She understands that most of the issues younger generations face are a product of capitalism, and she works methodically to guide her patients towards a path to inner and outer liberation. Her patients heal from internalized ideas about success, value and productivity, normalizing rest, tenderness and self-compassion. With training in EMDR therapy, and certifications to treat both trauma and anxiety, she specializes in treating physical, relational and spiritual trauma. She loves treating workers, including other therapists and activists! As a leftist therapist, she offers something that therapy spaces have not always provided: a chance to de-shackle from the expectations of the status quo. Learn what it means to love yourself, to care for yourself during times of pain, and to be liberated. Schedule with Sarah now. Sarah also offers anti-exploitative career coaching to workers, and business coaching to therapists who are tired of being exploited under capitalism. These services are offered internationally. Sarah’s clients find value outside of their paycheck, as they form a healthier relationship with work. Sarah knows that work is meant to sustain life, not the other way around. Schedule a free call now. Sarah loves gardening, reading, rewatching good shows, meditating, journaling, hiking, sewing and movement.

Message to clients

When we think about traditional therapy, we think about treating the person, not the environment. Therapy and healthcare in general have a long history of putting blame on the patient, and not the systems they are having to navigate each day to survive. Therapy with me will be different. It will be restful. It will be nurturing in a way that you did not expect. We will not think of ways in which you can be a more productive worker, we will think of ways in which you can find joy and peace. We will work on healing traumas that you’ve experienced, focusing on externalizing blame and normalizing the time that healing takes. “I should be over this by now” will become “I am managing this better now.” Therapy with me is political. Our class, gender, race, ability and sexuality are politicized, so why shouldn’t our care be? Our work together will be through an anti-capitalist lens, shifting blame and discontent from the self to systems that cause you harm. You may be living with student loans, housing insecurity, family conflict, chronic illness or disability. Maybe you’ve been exposed to the violence of our criminal justice and healthcare systems. We will do our best to make your life not only livable, but pleasurable. We will collect tools that will help you manage the bad days, and strengthen your ability to be in the moment on good days. Get help from a leftist therapist today.


Master in Music Therapy and Counseling | Drexel University, 2015

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White culture

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Christianity, Non-religious (Agnosticism, Atheism, Secular)

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Virtual Only


Career counseling/coaching, Anxiety, Trauma

Additional areas of focus

Anxiety, Body image, Career counseling/coaching, Chronic illness or pain, Depression, Existential questioning, Gender identity, Grief and/or loss, Highly sensitive people, LGBTQ+ sexuality, Life transitions, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Trauma

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Affirming, Humorous, Holistic, Calming, Direct



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Peer review

Sarah is one of the most compassionate therapists that I know. I admire how professional she is while also showing up for clients in the ways they need. I've worked with Sarah professionally and I appreciate how much thought she puts into collaboration and how open she is to suggestion. I am always happy to send potential clients her way because I know they will be well taken care of.

—Johanna Dwinells, LPC
Peer review

Sarah is a compassionate therapist who is dedicated to helping others. She is insightful and respectful. Sarah gives her clients the space to express themselves and provides feedback and advice.

—Sherie Thompson, MSW
Peer review

Sarah is always willing and ready to learn from others. She’s an exceptional listener and respectful of all individuals and backgrounds.

—Diana Turner, ATR-BC
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